Believe it or not, I’ve been working on this song for 5 years.  The original title was “Don’t be a punk.” The chorus lyrics were…. “don’t be a punk, punk, punk, or I’ll waack waack waack you to the ground, don’t mess around”
It was December 2011 and I was called in to help with the Madonna Super Bowl auditions along with Javier ninja and Benny ninja. I had just finished competing in the MADONNA Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project.  M wanted Vogueing and Waacking for the Super Bowl, so we were hired to create the audition choreography.  I got hyped and I called all my Waack babies to NYC to audition.  At the time I was living with my ex partner in crime Akim Funk Buddha (APT seen in YAK FILMS LOCKEROOO video) I invited everyone to ny to audition and it was a full house.  Johnny Waacks, Reggie and Panjina Heels were all staying with us.  And D’relle Khan from London, Johnii Ninja from DC and Michal IHOW CZ from Czech Republic were also in town.  We were having a crazy old time.

It was a blast, we had so many classic moments, from waking up at 8am to Pan Pan teaching Johnny how to walk in my heels, to getting summons’ for trying to shoot a dance video on the subway.  lol DAMN PO PO…, to sucking helium out of balloons and acting like children.   Constant laughter and joy.  We did video shoots all around the city, Williamsburg, the subway, a brooklyn, boat ride, Times Square etc.


Daniel curry and Kristina KCDC also were around. The energy was so positive.  IHOW Canada also came down to he audition. Tyrone gave a special waacking class at the house and everyone was there. The Waacking energy was higher than it had ever been and I was inspired.


I had wanted to write a dance song about waacking, and one morning the hook just came to me.  “Don’t be a punk, punk, punk…” I think i sang it for Daniel and Akim and Reggie.   It took years of trying to produce the track myself on garage band.  I didn’t feel confident about the original version because I had mainly used garage band loops.  I really wanted to be a musician about it and make REAL disco music, but that wasn’t happening.  The original version is cute but a little more housey.   Lots of ppl liked it and still like it, I am considering remixing it and releasing it, now that I am more experienced as a producer.   I also had a feeling that the original lyrics might be controversial and taken the wrong way, as some og still refer to the, as punks, when I wrote it, I just thought it was a funny play on words. Waack punk, but who knows how many ppl would have been mad about that.

After many ups and downs in my pursuit of music, March 2015 I reconnected with an old friend from LaGuardia High School, Mario Spinetti.  I began taking voice lessons with him.  He is a brilliant teacher and has created an exciting methodology to teach people to sing, Voxology.net.  One day after a lesson I ended up telling him all about Waacking, and my vision.  I played him all sorts of disco music and he told me he could help me produce my music.  He then became my artist development advisor and conceptualizer for how we would construct the track. He let me take the lead on a lot of the production decisions and he added his ideas, musical expertise and insight to make everything sound great.  We were structuring the song with the performance in mind and he came up with the genius idea to have a drag queen appear in the middle of the show.  Who better than BOB THE DRAG QUEEN.  Bob added to much fierceness to the track, and he is my favorite NYC performance artist.  I decided to take the advice given to me by house music icon Barbara Tucker, that the original lyrics to “Don’t be a punk” were a little shady and not very empowering, and that most people wouldn’t know what I was talking about, i.e. “Waack, waack, waack you to the ground.”   I had gone to the winter music conference and came back totally inspired to stand for something positive in my music, and so the lyrics to dance dance dance were born.

The drive for creating the song ASAP was the Midsummer Nights Swing performance at Lincoln center with Jody Watley and Mobile Mondays.  I got a little ahead of myself and was intent on singing my song live, but Lincoln center wasn’t having that. Lol I. I won’t lie, I was distraught and disappointed at first, but we still did any epic dance performance to the song (coached by Tyrone Proctor.)   The time in rehearsals with Tyrone were priceless and the Lincoln center performance was the catalyst for finishing the track.

I want to make disco music because I  love the classic sounds, the instrumentation, the glamour, and the timelessness.  I miss the live elements of music.  Having grown up in the LP family, always hearing latin percussion as a child, going to concerts and then going to Laguardia HS, listening to the orchestra and singing in a choir along with an orchestra, I really have an appreciation for live music.  As a dancer, I want to make music for the dancers.  I want to make music that I really love dancing to.  If I had all the $$ in the world I would higher the philharmonic to play Romeo and Juliet by Alec R. Costandinos live just so I could dance to it.  If i could, I would be recording and writing music with a full DISCO orchestra.  Trying to create that classic sound without those players is really tricky.  Thank you to everyone who contributed and thanks all my friends, family and fans for supporting my musical journey.   I am open to feed back. I want to make music for YOU to enjoy, so tell me what you like and don’t like.  Tell me what you wanna hear next… :)


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  1. Judith Gloria Cohen
    Judith Gloria Cohen says:

    “They” say success is all in the journey. Well, this song had a wonderful, almost circular trip going back to your roots with participation from all those who are meaningful to you. Hazel Tov.

  2. Sandra
    Sandra says:

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