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Princess Lockerooo is an artist that believes that urban dance expressions deserve to be held to the same level of respect and dignity as the classical art forms. For her, preserving and emphasizing the culture and history is of utmost importance. She does this by creating a channel of entertainment that celebrates enlightenment, elegance, and sensuality without the objectification of artists or the modification of their intentions.

A truly interdisciplinary performer, recording artist, and professional dancer/choreographer, Princess Lockerooo utilizes her talents to create unique and thrilling experiences that captivate her audiences. Her dramatic costumes, charismatic presence, memorable music, and distinctive dancing leaves audiences craving more!  She is an icon in the New York City House Music / dance scene and is also taking the music industry by storm with her new single, “Dance, Dance, Dance.”

In addition, this dynamic diva has been an advocate of restoring the former glory of the popular and expressive 1970’s Disco Era dance style, waacking, back into the spotlight. A student of the Legendary Soul Train dancer, Tyrone Proctor, Princess Lockerooo showcases the freestyling element of Waacking and encourages the development of the individual dancer to become a living embodiment of the music.

Lockerooo has taught workshops and has performed around the world! Her travels have spanned Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, Russia, Siberia, Poland, Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic, Finland, London, Canada, Australia, and Kazakhstan. She has worked with artists like Madonna and Jody Watley and has been featured on the hit shows including SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Wendy Williams, T.V. TOKYO, MDNA Madonna commercial.


What they are saying about Princess Lockerooo

Love that you continue to tweak and revise. Your reflections about growing as a writer and producer are awesome as well. As you already know I think you are tremendous and an inspiration for so many including me – this far into my journey lol. Obstacles and disappointments are a part of it all of course – and like me you never let them get you down – you just keep going and being even more fabulous and wise.  That’s what it’s about. It’s in the music!!

Jody WatleySinger / Recording Artist / Soul Train

I love this song woman! You hit it! It feels like it’s supposed to “feel”. Just so damn good!

KumariWaacker / Choreorapher

AMAZING…. U R THE QUEEN BEE. Your SYTYCD audition was outstanding

Mama Mikki BreiningFan

big budget disco sound of my youth … This is making me grin ear to ear –

Still PhillAbout "Dance Dance Dance"


Waacking Classes in NYC

Current Classes


322 West 45th Street

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27 2nd ave 1st Floor, New York, NY 10003


Waacking Workshop

POLAND CLASSInternational Waacking Champion Princess Lockerooo brings you a new kind of Waacking class that focuses on the freestyle aspect of the dance and the development of the individual dancer. This class will teach the tools and technique of interpreting the music, anticipating sounds, and being the living embodiment of music. This class provides the opportunity for all dancers to strengthen their rhythm, power, precision and presence. Waacking teaches dancers how to connect with their character, portray emotions and personalities through their movement. Using theatrical techniques you will learn to make your dancing more entertaining and you will become more than just a better dancer… a great performer. Discover how to connect with an audience by honestly emotionally responding to the music. It is about personal expression, emotion and communication through dance.

Waacking Drills and Techniques Workshop

GUANZHOU CHina ZThis essential Waacking class teaches training techniques to develop speed, power and precision through basic to complex arm combinations and footwork patterns. Through a series of intense drills and exercises, you will turn your body into a power house and waack like a ninja. Waacking is a great way to build strength, tone your upper body and channel your energy.

Waacking in Heels Workshop

Waacking In Heels
This class focuses on the sensual aspect of Waacking.  Cultivate your inner diva as you learn to make the heel an extension of your body – to walk, pose, whip your hair with control and balance.  This class will boost your confidence in traveling across the floor, turning, and performing power moves like jumps, kicks and splits while wearing heels.  This class is great for all types of performers as we will cover the subtleties of facial performance, portraying emotion and commanding the stage with presence.

Musicology Workshop

NIGHT OF A THOUSAND GOWNS - JODY WATLEYNo matter what style of dance you specialize in, Musicology teaches you to hear music like a musician. In developing this skill we will cover a multitude of music genres, learn to identify and isolate each instrument and understand how they work together rhythmically. Learn to apply your individual styles and techniques to the sounds and become a living embodiment of the music.



Princess Lockerooo is a student of the legendary Soul Train dancer Tyrone Proctor. Tyrone is responsible for the resurgence of waacking.

Waacking is rhythmic & dramatic dance.  Inspired by the famous movie stars of the early 1900s (Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo,) “posing” became an important element of waacking.  Dancers would accent the beats with elegant poses like the movie stars.

Musicality is an important element of waacking.  While many dance styles follow and accent the music, Waacking differs in that the dancer acts as the conductor, seemingly controlling the music.  Classic (Imported) Disco susic was the perfect vehicle for Waacking, with complex orchestrations, driving, syncopated rhythms, and dramatic changes.

When a dancer Waacks, he/she must physically embody the music, by matching his/her body movement to the rhythm and emotion of the music exactly.  This is done with fast arm/hand movements, dramatic poses, slow emotional movement to the instruments and vocals,  footwork, acrobatics across the floor and facial expressions.  Being that waacking is a freestyle dance, it may be interoperated differently.

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